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China Day 3 – The Great Wall and Olympic Village

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I know you had almost give up on my blog. Its been almost a year since Team Lewis went to China, and my last blog was about day two. Yep, no excuses, but we now have Europe at our finger tips and I’ve been re-motivated to finish what I started, and take it even further down the road. So without further ado, here is day three of the Wonders of China!!

I have to say, what better way to come back than with The Great Wall of China.  I know its been while, and details have escaped my mind, but hopefully the pictures tell a pretty good story.  Day three started the same, with breakfast in the hotel, Sarah’s favorite meal of the day!  The kids probably had their usual of cherrioes and fruit, while we enjoyed some eggs.  The driver and David picked us up and we headed out of the city. 

The most memorable part of this drive, Emma’s potty break!  She was potty trained before this trip, but any one who travels with toddlers knows that when they have to go, they have to go now!!  Of course we are driving down the highway, pretty much in the middle of no where when she started in.  The driver pulled over, but the guide said there was no restroom.  So we attempted to have her squat on the side of the road and pee.  This was a painful process, and ended with daddy carrying her down the hill and behind some tress.  We think she may have squeezed a tinkle out, but this would have been a great time for one of those travel infalatable potty chairs!

As you can see from our pictures, the section of The Great Wall that was near Beijing, was pretty much all stairs.  Yep, with a three year old and a five year old we were still excited to be climbing The Great Wall.  Of course David had done this tour enough, he didn’t need the exercise, so he waited below.  Aedan did so fanstastic!  He climbed pretty much the entire way up.  Emma did some on her own, but daddy had to carry her alot.  If you can notice in some of the pictures, the height of the stairs came up to her waist in some areas.  Talk about a leg work out!  It got pretty crowded, and in the narrow areas you had no choice but to stand and wait for those in front of you to rest.  And most of the time it was a welcomed rest anyways.  We all made it up a few towers before I knew the kids and I had to head back down with Sarah.  So Michael continued to climb with Pat and Helen up quite a bit more.  I carried Emma most of the way down, and we made it safe and sound.  The next morning getting outta bed, I sure felt the burn!

Once back to the bottom, we had fun trying to spot Michael and Pat coming down.  As you can see, they chose this day to wear their matching shirts.  The fact that they had the same shirt was an accident, but wearing them the say day, totally planned!  They found a shop along the way that engraved a little medal with the kids names and the date, as you can see them proudly displaying.  This was probably my favorite souvenir of the entire trip, because honestly this was the most memorable day.  The kids may not remember much else about going to China when they were so young, maybe the giant pandas, but they remember climbing The Great Wall of China!  Its kinda fun to hear them tell people this, completly out of the blue of course.  Adults always think they are making it up, but I am proud to nod in agreement.  I’m sure this will stick with them always.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blurr.  I know we stoped with all the large tour buses at a large cafeteria style resturante.  Then our next stop before getting back into the city was a temple where we were told some of the emporers were burried, tho we don’t get any where near the actual grounds.  There was a museum type area and a short tour, then we were headed back to the city. Any of the rest of you remember where this was?

Next David took us to the Beijing Olympic Stadium where the summer 2008 Olymics were held.  The “Birds Nest” was a pretty amazing view, even from a distance.  The grounds around this area were vast and I can’t imagine being int he middle of all those people during the actual olympics.  David explained all the things the Chinese Government had built for this major tourist event.  Entire aparment complexes for the atheletes, new hotles, the swimming pool.  Its amazing how it could all get done.

The wind was blowing like crazy, and they were selling these little kites everywhere.  Of course, you know how kids are Aedan was dying for a kite.  By this point, he and David were pretty good buddies and David helped him attempt to fly this kite.  It was sweet.  I wonder if David remembers foundly about the little boy who held his hand every where?  We could tell that he liked kids, but that he didn’t have too many on his tours.

The end of the third day was the famous Peking Duck dinner.  As I mentioned before, the food has all been amazing up to this point, but this meal is one of a kind.  They showed us how to take small peices of the duck and wrap it in won ton skin and drizzle with sauce.  It was fantastic!  I’m sure if Michael could figure out how to make that sauce, he would.  We were all so very tired by this point, and the kids might have had a rough time with manners at this meal.  But what I’ll always remember about this day is climbing The Great Wall and eating a delishious Peking Duck wrap.